How to have a thicker beard?

Learn how you can get some of the epithets of masculinity thanks to – her Majesty the beard! Modern man , not only must compete with hundreds of other men in the real world, it must stand out among the thousands of potential rivals in the virtual world, and smooth -shaven men can reject women who are attracted to the seemingly powerful men , the researchers said . Men may let a beard to be attractive to women and dominated over other men, according to research conducted on monkeys. So the bigger and thicker beard you have the more you will look like a real man.Sometimes woman will choose a man with a beard just because he looks more confident and stronger than the men that are shaved and without any kind of beard.


Yes, the beard is a reflection of the leaders or the wise men. Women’s considered attractive, and the man who wears it are seen as a potential father of her children.

However, many men are faced with the following problem: it simply does not grow thick enough, which is why it many people look like all the opposite of what they had hoped. If you are thinking to grow the beard, here are a few tips you should consider.


  1. Discard myths

The density of hair on the face, for the most part is conditioned by genetics. Nevertheless, there are some products, cosmetics and medical, which can improve the current situation. But you can’t fight against genetics.

  1. Train

Exercising and jogging improves circulation, and increases testosterone levels. This means – more testosterone, more beards. To maintain testosterone levels, get enough sleep and keep yourself from stress.

  1. Nutrition and Stress

It’s not about dieting; it’s about healthy nutrition, especially sufficient intake of proteins which make up the hair. Reduce stress, because indeed it causes hair loss, as well as the beard. Also, drink plenty of water.

  1. Think about vitamins and other supplements

Dermatologists recommend 2, 5 mg of vitamin B7 and vitamin H, but include it in vitamins B1, B12, D, E, beta-carotene and flaxseed oil.

  1. Try products for external use.

These are products that promote growth of the beard and consist mainly of oil and massage on the areas where you want to have more hair. This can also be used for beard. Get some beard oil from



hair1First, be ready for duty. Commissioning and fostering beard requires time and patience. Do not shave as soon as you start to itch. Soon the itching disappears as a result of patience will arrive and awards.

When, finally, you have a beard what you want, your job is not completed; you will always have your hands full basic maintenance (use the trimmer and scissors). Genetics is the one who determines what will be your chin. Some men hardly can let their beard; some cannot do, while the third will have a beard perfect density.

And finally, is the right moment just to start. Three, four, now!