3 Solid Reasons Why Women Are Enchanted With Beards

I know for a fact that a lot of women are simply smitten with the men who have beards.  Even though there might be numerous, various, well as individual reasons to why every particular woman grows affection toward a bearded style, generally I would say that there are three main reasons why women are so obsessed with men who have beards.  If you would like to learn more about these reasons make sure and that you read the following passages:

  1. Looking For A Dominant Man

Every woman is basically looking for a dominant man in her life.  Whether they would like to admit it or not, women like to be around strong men.  Not that women like to be considering the weak, but they genuinely feel happier around of man that oozes dominance as how to establish control.  This has nothing to do with the gender equivalence, but it has everything to do with hormones.  Coming across an alpha male who is dominant and not afraid to express his own opinion, usually excites the opposite sex.  Also, only a dominant, strong and assertive man, is a true match for just just as dominant, strong and assertive woman.


  1. 7a1547b064f18c4474578dc0cd8997f4Appearing Unique, Sexy and Rugged

Women like their men to seem and appear unique.  With a beard every man will look unique, sexy and ruggedly handsome.  Of course, they love your individuality which shines through your sense of style and your fashion sense.  In this way a woman is only showing the appreciation she has for your own individuality and your own character.  A man with a beard can seem very appealing because they show that the follow the trends, that they are not afraid of their masculinity, and that they embrace their own and nature and the appearance.  There is nothing sexier than a man who is confident his own natural appearance is the best style to wear.


  1. Papa Bear Beard Feeling

In addition to what has been previously mentioned, women also love beards because they provide a special kind of feeling during the time of intimacy.  In other words, kissing someone who has a beard provides you a feeling of coming home.  That is a soft, warm and fuzzy feeling that you get while you are hugging and kissing that man you love.  At the same time, women simply love the fact that these moments of intimacy are raw, natural and simple, yet warm and filled with love.


If you are still having second thoughts whether you should grow a beard are not, I would advise you that you try out sporting a beard for a while, and then if you decide it is really not your thing you can always shave it.  In addition to that, and changing is always more than welcome, because each will expand your views about fashion, and perhaps even developed your personal sense of style.