3 Reasons Why Beards Have Made A Comeback

Understanding fashion trends can sometimes baffle the simple minds, however the beard-trend has left pretty much everyone satisfied. Men, because they spend less time shaving in the morning, and women who have finally got back the manly man. There are numerous, various and most importantly intimate and personal reasons why anyone would choose to grow a beard.  Also, there are just as many reasons why beards have made such a big comeback. Still, here are some of the main reasons why beards have made such a huge comeback in the recent years, and why they will hopefully never grow out of style again!

  1. tumblr_na8621g9Qi1s63svao1_500Bears Ooze Style

Wearing a beard is not only a matter of personal preference, it is also a way for you to express your individuality. In general, style is out way to speak with people long before they meet us and leave an impression by using your clothes. Since the majority of people will first look at you and then meet you, your personality and individuality should be well incorporated in your style and shine through the clothes you wear and the hairstyles you wear. People who have an established fashion sense know how to use all these elements, in order to tell a story about to themselves. This is the purpose of style, to tell your own story, without uttering a single word.  In addition to that, a well-developed, rounded sense of style also signifies that you have developed your character and individuality.

  1. Beards Show Your Personality

Beards have become very popular because in a way they show your own personality. Everyone can grow facial hair, but not everyone has the confidence to sport a beard. Also, growing a beard shows that you are classy and traditional, and yet that you follow modern trends. In addition to that, growing a beard takes time which means you are a patient person. Also, a proper beard needs maintenance, therefore a well-groomed beard and style will show your personality and your character, just as much as they will show your tendencies to follow modern trends. For a really polished, classy look, you should pay attention to grooming your beard on the regular basis, using the right products, and keeping a fashionable and classy look around the clock (and especially when you eat lunch and dine).

  1. Beards Charm The Ladies

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons why guys decide to grow beards is because they believe that their bushy beard will attract the ladies. Are they in the wrong? Definitely not! Ladies will find you more masculine, you will appear stronger as a person as an individual and you will definitely get some attention from the ladies, potential partners and potential love interests. Kissing someone with a beard also has a warm and fuzzy feeling to it, still remember that short stubble will not provide the same effect.

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